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Breeding alpacas


The key to breeding high quality alpacas is selecting the right genetics. Here at LACOCKALPACA we have a core breeding herd and herd sire based on some of the finest genetics from Australia and America. Our herd sire is son of EP Cambridge Peruvian Spartacus, imported from Australia. We believe that it is only with the best genetics that we can develop our herd and at the same time maintain high standards that reflect the best of the alpacas in this country. The sire has a major influence on the quality of offspring.


We have a carefully considered breeding programme that is informed by the three specific lines that we have within the herd.

We also consider the fleece quality and the parings that produced the various fleeces qualities.


Among last year’s cria were two of Saraband’s progeny. These females will be the first to extend our genetic line when they are mated in the spring of 2019.

Breeding Alpacas at Lacock Alpaca
Lacock Alpacas Breeding Programme

There is no breeding season for alpacas as the females are ‘induced ovulators’. The male makes a distinctive ‘orgling’ sound during mating which induces ovulation and receptivity.


The gestation period is approximately 11.5 months and a dam (female) will produce only one cria. Most cria are born between 7 a.m. and midday and healthy babies are normally standing and feeding within two hours.


As herd animals, alpacas are very community-minded: each birth is a cause for curious investigation and each cria is greeted and welcomed. Frequently a herd remains quiet for a short time so that the new mother and cria can attune each other to their own ‘hums’ (sounds).


Most cria are weaned at about six months. We weigh our cria frequently in the first six months to ensure that they are gaining weight. After that time, they join the whole herd weigh-ins as part of normal husbandry procedure. Healthy dams can be bred 10 to 14 days after giving birth.

Breeding Alpaca
Cria at LacockAlpaca

We keep a fully loaded birthing case and we have colostrum and  plasma for any emergency. Oh … and two folding fishing chairs for sitting, wondering and watching, at a respectable distance from Mother and Cria.

Lacock Alpaca Herd
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