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Education via alpacas


Learning programmes for schools


We offer schools packages that are prepared and co-constructed with the individual teachers in the schools.


We develop learning programmes that employ the pedagogical principles of Project/Inquiry Based Learning (PBL). These are designed for all Key Stages. The programmes cover areas of the curriculum that teachers within the schools would request for specific groups or individual youngsters.


Programmes of Learning (POL) can be for enrichment as well as 

 educational support for children with physical, emotional and mental special educational needs.

Education via Alpacas

There are three stages to the POLs:


Phase 1:

School visit - introduction to 3 phase POL - Initial visit to research and establish the focus of learning  


Phase 2:

Preparing pupils for their farm visit - Farm visit with practical activities and shared work in our education centre


Phase 3:

Classroom-based follow-up and project write-up for publication (PBL)


All three phases are congruent with each of the 5 Key Stages in the schools’ curriculum. 

If you would like more information or would like to suggest a multi-themed approach that would support your curriculum, please contact us for details. 

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