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It’s in the Genes!


Power - Beauty - Soul - Grace and Genes.

When we decided to breed alpacas three years ago we made a conscious decision to purchase elite genetics. We were fortunate that our core herd originated from some of the very best animals available. The purchase of high quality female alpacas which had already produced award-winning offspring guaranteed an excellent foundation from which we could continue to develop the herd. Combining this with a champion herd sire has produced high quality animals. We are now at the point when we are able to offer some of these superb animals for sale. 

Stud Males

EP Cambridge Samson


Huacaya Solid White

Sire: EP Cambridge Peruvian Spartacus

Dam: Jolimont Amatea  (Aust).


EP Cambridge Samson - LACOCKALPACA Stud Male

EP Cambridge Samson was imported from Australia. He was bred by EP Cambridge Alpaca stud in August 2005-2022. We are very fortunate to be able to maintain his genetics. 


EP Cambridge Samson’s genetics were sourced from Australia’s  Elite ancestor, his sire was EP Cambridge Peruvian Spartacus, seen at the time to be the new number one prized Herdsire available in Australia.


EP Cambridge Samson was awarded reserve Champion Intermediate in Adelaide in 2006 and, after his arrival in the UK and  only one show, he was awarded Champion white male and subsequently the Supreme Champion award in 2008.


His fleece is solid white and uniform in colour. The crimp is high in amplitude with a medium frequency. The staples are all highly aligned and very well organised and the character of the fleece is beautiful.


EP Cambridge Samson continues to make a huge contribution to the future of our herd at Lacock Alpaca with the birth of superior cria. His offspring are all solid white, his brightness and bold crimp are replicated in his progeny.


His offspring would be an excellent choice for anyone who is considering adding crimp and brightness into their herd.

Classical MileEnd Sarabande


Born August 2013

Huacaya: Solid Mid fawn

Sire: LMFI Peruvian Dynamics of CME (IMP) Soild white

Dam: CME Rhea Solid Mid Fawn


Classica MileEnd Sarabande

Born in August 2013, Sarabande introduces a new genetic line to LACOCKALPACA. He was put to stud in 2017 and his first cria have exquisite soft silky dense fleece. Following our carefully considered breeding programme, we are expecting to see more of his cria this season. We look to a fine silky but dense fibre with weight and fine crimp.

Sarabande’s awards in the year before he came to us speak for themselves. To top it all he is gentle and biddable. A real charmer.


Show results


2014/03 Alpaca Showtime 2014 Huacaya Junior Male – Fawn 1st


2014/05 North Somerset Show Huacaya Junior Male – Fawn 1st


2014/05 North Somerset Show Huacaya Best Fawn Male R


2014/05 Devon County (599) Huacaya Junior Male – Fawn 1st


2014/05 Devon County Huacaya Champion Fawn Male C


2014/05 Royal Bath And West Show Huacaya Junior Male – Fawn 1st


2014/05 Royal Bath And West Show Huacaya - Male Junior Champion R


2014/08 North Devon Huacaya Intermediate Male – Fawn 1st


2014/08 North Devon Huacaya Champion Fawn Male C


2014/08 North Devon Huacaya Supreme Champion R

Wellground Back with a Bang 


Born April 2015

Huacaya, Solid White

Sire: Cambridge Buckingham

Dam: EP Cambridge Jewel


Wellground Back with a Bang

Back with a Bang's Sire was imported from Australia. Cambridge Buckingham’s genetics were sourced from two of the finest elite ancestors: Jolimont Commisario, and Cambridge Trinity who was  sired by NWA Ltd Ruffo. Bang Bang has exceptional dense bright fleece. The staple length displays a medium amplitude, high frequency crimp. The fibres are highly aligned and well organized. He is ideally suited as a finishing male for high quality white and light fawn females. He will be put to stud this breeding season and we look forward to his first cria in 2019.

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