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In Memorium 
Jane Gardner-Turrell 

20th October 1949 - 24th June 2022

Jane is and will always be present at Oakley.  She was inquisitive and committed from the start, sure of the vision and determined to thread service to nature and people throughout all we do. 


In a small way, we can be galvanised by the loss of her incredible strength of spirit as her attention to detail and deep care continues to guide our day-to-day decisions. 

Jane worked in education throughout her life.  She was a theatre teacher first and foremost, knowing that story and creativity is what carries much of our growth and development.  Jane was well travelled, and understood the value of learning and sharing cross-culturally.  She retired, with her partner and husband David, from the role of Assistant Headteacher at the Sir Bernard Lovell School in Bristol, and continued to tutor and support young people through her work at Oakley Farm. 


Jane knew the characters of each of the alpacas at LacockAlpaca well.  She could recognise the face of each creature even when the herd reached over thirty.  She led on our commitment to put the welfare of the animals first, drawing on Camelid Dynamics.  

Oakley is a shared vision, and adventure she and David undertook together.  The farm continues to grow with this, an unfolding understanding of stewardship and wellbeing. 



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